Open invitation to Media partners

By Editorial Staff |
Open invitation to Media partners

Welcome to the Air of Time Blog

If you are a journalist, blogger, vlogger, podcaster, youtuber, interviewer, or anyone who creates content, we’d love to work with you!

Open Invitation for All!

Please send us an email to us at: , and we’ll be more than happy to discuss Air of Time with you, over a short call or any other form of correspondence.

Air of Time is the only true memorabilia of time, a real world token.

It also is a powerful way of making a statement to the world on Climate Change, and all that is happening in the world which challenges long term beliefs.

Talk about it, make a post and let’s make Air of Time the viral sensation it should be.

We’d also love you to join our referral program, and share Air of Time’s Yrl links whenever you mention it.

Help us promote Air of Time, and earn $250 on every order that your content leads to!

For details refer to our referral program post.