What led us to selling Air on the Internet for $1000

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What led us to selling Air on the Internet for $1000

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A picture is worth a thousand words but what about a video?

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Earlier this year I learnt about NFTs. As an engineer I understand the technology behind blockchain and cryptocurrencies, and to a certain degree I also understand what is the value proposition of NFTs.

But when I saw some of the sales that were happening and the corresponding art for which that sale was happening, my mind was blown away.

During this time, I also remember watching one video that compared selling NFTs to selling Air.

Is selling NFTs like selling Air?

Entire NFT ecosystem is based on the concept of perceived value. NFTs don’t have any inherent value of their own and the entire NFT ecosystem relies on perceived value by the buyer, i.e. NFT of a particular art might be worthless for me but worth a lot for you or someone else.

It’s actually true for all of Art, but Art is at least tangible. NFTs are intangible. You can’t really feel them you can’t touch them but they are being sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At this time I had the idea that maybe at one day I will sell NFTs of air.

I’ll take a bottle, fill it up with air (yes it’s very hard to do it), and I’m going to take a picture of that. I’ll then sell the NFT of that air.

I was building YRL at this time, and of course at that time I was just joking.

When I started marketing YRL (https://getyrl.com) I realized that most critical parts of almost all products is marketing.

We rarely ever buy a product for what it is. Most of the times we’re buying what the product stands for, or how it makes us feel.

It’s true for even regular day things and the products that you and I buy.

It was at this time that I realized the need to up my skills in marketing.

As an engineer I know a lot about engineering about building products designing them making an idea come to reality but there’s so much I can learn in marketing and how to make something popular.

Social entrepreneurs rarely ever work on a product, they work on on distribution systems, and make people want their products even before the products even exist.

To improve my skills, I decided to challenge myself with a difficult task and of course the idea of selling air came back to my mind.

You see, selling NFT of air is still complicated. I have to take a really good photo, upload it, then mint it, and understand all these technologies behind selling NFTs.

And then, try to sell my NFT.

Why not just sell Air as is?

I thought I would be the first one to sell air on the internet but it turns out that a lot of people have actually been selling air for quite some time.

There’s even such a term called “Air Farming”. Yep, google it.

People are selling pressurized air, or air of a particular place, or purified air or oxygen, but I’m going to sell just regular air of the Bay Area California.

Although our purchases and things we value are mostly irrational but the logical part of me still wanted to come up with some reasons that why someone would want to buy air.

This is when I came up with the concept of Air of Time.

Air of Time

Just like time, the Air is also constantly changing.

From pollution, to natural causes, there are a lot of factors in the world that are changing the Air’s composition constantly.

What if we contained the air of a particular day in a bottle. At any future date, the Air of that particular day would represent that day for eternity!

Another reason I came up with was that the Air would be from Silicon Valley, California, one of the most coveted places in the world.

Many other reasons including climate change, and investment, are outlined in this post: 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Air of Time

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