10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Air of Time

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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Air of Time

We could give you more, but 10 should be enough!

In this post we share why you should consider purchasing Air of Time for $1000, and appeal to both the rational, and the irrational point of views.

One for the Visual Minds

Before we begin, for the visual brain, watch this 60s video.

Not one for videos? Let’s dig in here then!

1. You are a Contrarian

When the world goes in one direction, you go another. Why? Because if you’re too normal, you’re probably doing it wrong. You are a contrarian, and that’s a good thing.

What the gut instinct of most people, the common sense would suggest to be absurd, you find lucrative.

When the world said it was stupid, fake, a hype, you believed. And you know what, you were right all along.

You see more than the rest of the word.

Concept of Air of Time falls in a similar category. The same category as those of believers, of those who think different, of Contrarians.

2. Truest Memorabilia of Time

To keep a memory of time, one may buy souvenirs or other objects, but the truth is that with time, all of physical products will change, and lose their original quality.

Air of Time is the only true memorabilia of time.

As time is changing, so is Air, however, Air of a particular day would remain the same in its composition, if we were to store it undisturbed.

It doesn’t matter what day in the future you go to, this Air will always represent the day it was captured, and all that happened on that be it all over the world, or your personal life.

3. Air of California

California today, especially the SF Bay Area, is one of the most coveted places to have ever existed. Not just that, it’s also home to number of greatest minds, ideas, and creators in human history.

Air of Time is the only true memorabilia of time.

Air of Time captures Air of California in a bottle. It doesn’t matter where you live, you’ll own a part of California, probably the most important part – the air that every great and successful human in California has breathed.

Air of Time from California represents all the creativity, advancements and entrepreneurial spirits that have ever existed in the world’s fifth largest economy.

4. Make a Statement on Climate Change

Climate Change is real. Air quality is constantly degrading, and we need to do something to raise awareness about it.

Climate change is Real.

When you purchase Air of a day for $1000, you are making a big statement. Everyone in your network would get this message, and the importance of preserving our climate.

Your purchase of air for $1000 is symbolic to everyone who will ever learn about this, that Air is degrading, and unless we as one world do something about it. The air that anyone in any future date would breathe would be of lower quality as compared to the Air of Time you possess.

We take free air for granted. We shouldn’t. It’s the most precious element and your purchase says it all.

4. Not a Convoluted Imaginary Thing

If what has happened in last few years has surprised you to the core, you’re not alone. Things of no essential value being sold and purchased under a convoluted sense of value proposition, time and again.

There are many who are just in awe to see the long held beliefs and values to be completely ignored in a brief spurt of time.

When you purchase Air of a day for $1000, you share what you have felt last few years to be like. There’s no overnight success, and your purchase of Air is a response to those who believe otherwise.

5. Because you CAN

One of the best feelings money can buy is the feeling of power. Not everyone can buy Air for $1000. It’s a statement, an appeal, a message that shows your power.

What's better than money? Feeling of Power.

Just like all the other expensive products you have ever purchased only to store inside a locker, Air of Time would be one you can display in your home as a representation of your power, and control.

Not everyone can buy a lambo, blow up things, or property that you can. Get Air of Time, simply because you Can.

6. You’re an Investor

If you’re a successful investor, you understand that the value of most products is not the inherent value they provide, but their intangible / perceived value.

Empty bottles of Tesla Tequila cost more than the original sale without Tequila. Internet suggest there were 10,000 bottles made.

Each bottle of Air of Time today costs $1000, but it could be worth 10x, or even 100x in just few years.

Why? There are infinite possibilities, for ex. degrading air quality would mean that you would be the only one containing air from the past of that particular day.

If our startup becomes a unicorn, each bottle would represent how we got there and thus invaluable.

Things can be of different value depending on the purchaser, and the time. Last few years have shown us how time can change everything, and so we believe will Air of Time.

7. Make History with this Viral Movement

Yes we agree that buying Air for $1000 will sound absurd to most rational minds. But when you purchase Air of Time, you will join us in making this a viral movement.

Here's to the crazy ones.

Not only will you be part of the movement, and get publicity, you will also make history with us in doing so.

Make a youtube video of your purchase, or a tiktok and go viral with it. The possiblities are endless.

8. Promote Entrepreneurial Spirit

All the funds raised from Air of Time will go into sponsoring our tech startup. It’s an unconventional way of raising capital. By purchasing Air of Time, you support the entrepreneurial spirit in generations to come.

You will also send a great message to all entrepreneurs in the making, and to be, that customers, and people don’t just buy products, they buy feelings and what the products stand for as well.

9. Because the world is Irrational

As much as we like to find logical reasoning behind everything, the world is essentially an irrational place. Most of what we do as humans cannot be justified, and that’s a good thing.

The logical part of the world would not agree, but you follow your gut instinct. This is what makes each of us a unique human. This is our power. Our irrationality is our biggest strength.

The right buyers would buy Air of Time, not because it makes logical sense, but because it’s irrational.

10. Incredible Gift

Ever wondered what to buy your friends and partners who can buy basically anything for themselves?

What do you gift someone who can get anything? Something they can't. Air of Time.

One thing they can’t buy is Air of a day that has already passed. It’s gone. Only you can gift it to them.

Prank them. Surprise them. Gift them something they could and would never buy, but would always remember it was you.

The only item that would stand out in their house for every guest who ever visits them. A $1000 bottle of Air of a particular day, that almost nobody in their entire connections could ever have.

Gift Air of Time. It’s memorable. Makes a great story. Stands for something and will always be remembered.

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’ Jeff Bezos

10 Reasons are for a Reason.

There are 10 reasons above. I wrote 10 because it’s easier for our minds to process than 8 or 9 or 11. But to be honest, there shouldn’t be any reason at all.

Why buy Air of Time?

Well, I ask you:

Go Buy it now.

Time is the only real currency. Go buy Air of Time now: